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How to get started with IT recruiting
We offer only those candidates in whom we are 100% sure.
Step 1 - Discuss

Discuss your goals and needs with your dedicated account executive. We like to get to know each other. What IT outsourcing needs do you have?

Step 2 - Receive

You’ll receive the first batch of handpicked and pre-vetted remote developers for your positions within days.

Step 3 - Hire

Hire elite engineers from all over the world! We will assist you on board to ensure a smooth transition.

process and stages of work
Develop their technical teams with talent
from all over the world.
How quickly can I find the developer I need?

We start working after agreeing all the details and signing the Agreement. The term for providing the first candidates is not more than 10 working days from the moment the Client made a prepayment.

How is a developer selected?

All candidates whom we recommend to the Client are interviewed for professional competencies: knowledge, skills, skills and personally-oriented qualities. We check the recommendations of candidates from previous jobs.

Where can I see the knowledge of a candidate?

We prepare a full-time profile of the recommended Candidate and send it to the Client for consideration.

How many candidates will you offer me?

We do not limit the number of recommended Candidates for Clients.

How is the interview with the candidate organized?

We will organize interviews of the Client with the chosen Candidates in a convenient place and at a convenient time.

How do I get started with a selected candidate?

After selecting the Candidate recommended by us and agreeing on job offer, we accompany the Candidate's exit to our Client for work.

Can I replace a developer if he doesn't suit me?

We give a guarantee for the replacement of the Candidate, in case of unsuccessful passing of the probationary period by the Candidate for a period of up to 2 months inclusive.

We do not limit the number of replacements

our clients
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